G Visa for Employees of International Organizations

The category G visa is an International Organization visa which is issued to foreign diplomats and government officials to travel to the United States. G visa does not apply to the Head of State or Government because they qualify for an A visa regardless of the purpose of their visit to the United States.

Categories of G Visa

Who qualifies for each G visa category:

G-1: Permanent mission members of a recognized government to a designated international organization.

G-2: Representatives of a recognized government traveling to the U.S. temporarily to attend meetings of a designated international organization.

G-3: Representatives of non-recognized or non-member governments.

G-4: Individuals who are proceeding to the U.S. to take up an appointment at a designated international organization (including the United Nations).

The List of qualifying International Organizations.

Immediate Family Members

Immediate family members of the G visa applicant can apply for the same category of G visa as the principal applicant and they include the spouse and unmarried sons and daughters of any age who are members of the household, even if they study in a different location.

Immediate family members may also include someone residing regularly in the household of the principal applicant, who is not a member of any other household, and is recognized as an immediate family member of the principal alien by the sending Government or International Organization.

Such family members may include: any other relative, by blood, marriage, or adoption, of the principal alien or spouse; a domestic partner (same-sex domestic partner); and a relative by blood, marriage, or adoption of the domestic partner. Domestic partners may be issued diplomatic visas if the sending state would provide reciprocal treatment to domestic partners of U.S. Mission members.  Individuals who do not qualify as immediate family may otherwise potentially qualify for a B-2 visa.

Personal employees, servants and domestic workers of persons who hold a valid G visa, may qualify for a valid G-5 visa if it can be proven that they will receive a fair wage which is sufficient to allow them to financially support themselves and if they can prove that they will perform the contracted employment duties.

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